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Most people tend to think of an automobile accident when they use this term, but there are really a limitless number of ways someone could become injured through the fault of another person. The general Connecticut statute of limitations to file suit is two years, but there may be a different statute with more or less time available, based on the individual circumstances. In addition, there may be mandatory notice requirements to comply with in some situations.

Here are some other types of situations in which personal injury claims may arise:

1. Fall downs. These sometimes occur die to a defect in a sidewalk, an object left on the floor which someone trips over, or a slippery substance which causes someone to lose their footing.

2. Medical malpractice. If a health care professional has not met the required standard of care, and someone is injured as a result, a claim may be possible against that professional, as well as other entities, such as a hospital.

3. Dog bites. Most people love pets, but unfortunately, pets can and do cause injuries. A dog owner may be held responsible for injuries caused by his animal.

4. Product defects. We use countless numbers of products in our everyday lives, most of which are harmless. However, just about everyone can at some point encounter a product which, because of its poor design, manufacturing defect, inadequate labeling, or other flaw causes injuries to a consumer.

5. Alcohol or other substance induced injuries. The obvious example is drunken driving, but we’ve handled cases where, for example, an intoxicated person throws a beer mug, hitting someone in the face, or suddenly pulls a chair out from behind somebody as they go to sit down, causing them to fall.

6. Assault. Frequently, there is no premeditated or conscious decision to hit someone, and an assault can often be a matter of just one punch thrown, with an unforeseen result.

7. Miscellaneous. Would you believe a child throwing a raw egg at another child, hitting him in the eye and damaging it; a second floor deck which supposedly has been treated against termite infestation separating from the house and falling with the plaintiffs on it, because termites have eaten away the supports; water temperature for a shower too set too high, causing a plaintiff to be burned, and other types of accidents two numerous to mention?


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