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Daniel D. Portanova

Daniel D. Portanova is a graduate of Marietta College and William and Mary Law School. He has been a member of the Connecticut Bar since 1968. Over his last thirty years in the general practice of law, he has developed a concentration in family law matters and personal injury practice. Attorney Portanova has frequently been requested to serve as a Special Master to assist several Connecticut courts in attempting to resolve divorces and child custody cases. He has also been appointed as an arbitrator and mediator in countless personal injury cases, where the parties are attempting to reach a non-judicial resolution of their disputes.

Dominick J. Rutigliano

Dominick J. Rutigliano has been a member of the Connecticut Bar since 1977. He is a graduate of Fairfield University, cum laude, and of Fordham Law School. After spending four years as Assistant Town Attorney for the Town of Westport and Assistant Corporation Counsel for the City of Norwalk, he joined the office of Attorney Portanova, where he has focused primarily in civil litigation. Attorney Rutigliano has been a past arbitrator for the Better Business Bureau Auto Line program, as well as an arbitrator for personal injury cases. He also serves as an attorney trial referee, who conducts pretrials and hears court cases.

Carol A. Pappas

Carol A. Pappas attended Sacred Heart University and the University of Bridgeport (now Quinnipiac) Law School. She has extensive experience in handling domestic matters, and frequently serves as a Special Master in divorce cases at the request of the court system. Attorney Pappas has also been appointed as guardian ad litem for minor children in family cases, and she has been a member of the Connecticut Bar since 1987.


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